Fly tipping in Holyrood Gardens Queensbury

Look like another cowboy builder has dumped a complete broken up bathroom outside 56 Holyrood Gardens Queensbury.Brent Council Enforcement department really need to take action against these culprits. #cleanupbrent.

Large Pot hole near 182 Beverley Drive Queensbury.

A large pothole that is damaging vehicles near 180 Beverley Drive Queensbury and another one at 178 Beverley Drive where a utility company metal cover is sinking into the road has been reported to Brent Council.

Brent North Conservative Christmas Dinner 2016

We hope everyone enjoyed themselves at our fabulous Brent North Conservatives Annual Christmas Dinner. The venue was spectacular and the food even more so. We all enjoyed your company greatly and thank you for joining us. 

Fly tipping in Sandhurst Road - Queensbury

Brent North residents are being urged to report fly tippers to help Brent council crack down on a growing problem which is costing thousands. Latest fly-tipping is in Sandhurst Road Queensbury.  

Dog Poo in Eton Grove Park

Local residents taking their children's to school in Princes Avenue walking past Eton Grove Park simply no longer see why they should have to put up with the foulness of the stuff in the Park, not to mention on their shoes and worse, their kids' clothes.

Damaged Pavements

Damaged pavement at the junction of Carlton Avenue East and Strathcona Road HA9‏. Many resident and school children crossing this junction daily and the pavement has been badly damaged and could cause injury to a resident walking on the pavement. We have reported this to Brent Highways department.