Pedestrial crossing light not working

Pedestrian Crossing Light near Queensbury Station at the Zebra crossing just before Cumberland Road is not working, this is a busy junction and is a nuisance. Resident need to take extra care in making sure vehicles can see them before crossing.

The war against "Queensbury Potholes" continue

The war against the “Queensbury potholes” continues - and it’s time for the residents to join battle. You have nothing to lose, let us know if you have a pothole in your street we will report it and try to get it fixed.

Does anyone care in Brent anymore?

This is an absolute disgrace that this is 'continually' allowed on our streets in Brent on Croxden Close, Queensbury. It looks terrible, attracts more rubbish and is a serious health hazard. There is also often raw food and other rubbish left by these bins.

Brent Conservatives visiting Ark Academy

Brent Conservative Cllrs Reg Colwill and Joel Davidson, alongside Brent North Conservative Association Chairman Kanta Mistry today visited Ark Academy in Wembley.