Supporting - The India Charity Bike Riders

Brent Conservatives - Supporting the India Charity Bike riders 2020 and celebrating India’s 71 Republic Day. The charity bike ride starts from Akshardham Delhi to the Golden Temple Amritsar 471km across 4 days. The two charities that will benefit from the event are, Nishkam Swat Charity No. 1139600 that has volunteers who provides outreach services for the homeless and less fortunate all over London , and Shishukunj Charity No. 284206 that provides basic needs for the unfortunate children with Food, Shelter, Medicine and Education in India and Africa

Helping the poor and needy people is a good deed. Caring for the poor and needy people and helping them is a noble endeavour. The more you give to poor and needy people, the more you strengthen their dependency. If you give them the chance or opportunity.