Local News

Reducing Litter and Fly-tipping

Brent Councils have been given new powers to tackle Britain's growing fly-tipping problem. From this month,fixed penalty notices can be issued for small-scale offences such as dumping pieces of broken furniture, old televisions or mattresses. Unsightly and anti-social, fly-tipping has become a menace to residents in Brent. "Not only does fly-tipping create an eyesore for residents, it is also a serious public health risk, creating pollution and attracting rats and other vermin." Potential offender will be issued a fine of anywhere between £150 and £400.

Zac Goldsmith visits Neasden Temple

Zac Goldsmith gave a speech to a couple of thousand devotees at the Swaminarayan temple on his Action Plan for Greater London and about working with the Government to secure the funds and powers needed to make London a great city for everyone to live in. He promised he will deliver more homes, better transport, cleaner air and safer streets, all while keeping London's economy strong and mayoral council tax frozen.

Postal Ballot being dropped by Brent Council

Postal ballot papers are being dropped by Brent council starting from 15th April 2016. Your vote will decide who is responsible for Brent and London's future.

Big Pothole reported to Brent Council

We have reported a big pothole outside 118 Princes Avenue Queensbury near the school. Brent Council Highways department has been informed to get it repaired.

Reducing Litter and Fly-tipping

Litter and Fly-tipping in Westmoreland Road Queensbury. Brent Council will not clear as it is on Private land belonging to Morrison, still ‪#‎Brent‬ council responsibility to take Enforcement Action.

BackZac leaflets in Brent North

#‎TeamBackZac Brent North Conservatives has delivered the last 1,000 of the current ‪#‎BackZac2016 leaflets in Brent North on Sunday 20th March 2016.