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Fly-tipping in Queensbury

More Flytipping in Queensbury Salt containers being used to place house rubbish like beer cans and other trash. These plastic storage containers were placed on certain streets by Brent Council a few years ago to hold salt to spread on the nearby main road when it snows heavily.

Facts on Fly-tipping in Brent

Did you know Brent Council’s Zero –Tolerance (ZT) have issued 6000 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) out of these 99% were on fag butts issued by a security company employed by the Brent Council.The fact is Fly –Tipping has gone up by a staggering 32% from 10,000 to 17,000 last year and still rocketing

Pedestrial crossing light not working

Pedestrian Crossing Light near Queensbury Station at the Zebra crossing just before Cumberland Road is not working, this is a busy junction and is a nuisance. Resident need to take extra care in making sure vehicles can see them before crossing.

The war against "Queensbury Potholes" continue

The war against the “Queensbury potholes” continues - and it’s time for the residents to join battle. You have nothing to lose, let us know if you have a pothole in your street we will report it and try to get it fixed.

Does anyone care in Brent anymore?

This is an absolute disgrace that this is 'continually' allowed on our streets in Brent on Croxden Close, Queensbury. It looks terrible, attracts more rubbish and is a serious health hazard. There is also often raw food and other rubbish left by these bins.