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Does anyone care in Brent anymore?

This is an absolute disgrace that this is 'continually' allowed on our streets in Brent on Croxden Close, Queensbury. It looks terrible, attracts more rubbish and is a serious health hazard. There is also often raw food and other rubbish left by these bins.

Brent Conservatives visiting Ark Academy

Brent Conservative Cllrs Reg Colwill and Joel Davidson, alongside Brent North Conservative Association Chairman Kanta Mistry today visited Ark Academy in Wembley. 

Fly tipping in Holyrood Gardens Queensbury

Look like another cowboy builder has dumped a complete broken up bathroom outside 56 Holyrood Gardens Queensbury.Brent Council Enforcement department really need to take action against these culprits. #cleanupbrent.

Large Pot hole near 182 Beverley Drive Queensbury.

A large pothole that is damaging vehicles near 180 Beverley Drive Queensbury and another one at 178 Beverley Drive where a utility company metal cover is sinking into the road has been reported to Brent Council.