Local News

Food waste bin and salt grit storage containers

Food waste bins are supplied by the council  under Labour to be used to recycle our food waste from flats in Queensbury with a weekly collection. Salt Grit storage containers are supplied to fill them with gritting salt in winter for our roads.

Caravan Parked on Wimborne Drive Queensbury

Once again, a caravan which was initially parked in North Way for a few weeks near the school has now been moved to Wimborne Drive. Residents have reported suspicious activities at night near the caravan.

Fly-tipping in Sandhurst Road Queensbury

We reported the fly-tipping in Sandhurst Road Queensbury yesterday morning and it has now been cleared. Your Queensbury Action Team is committed to tackle the current fly-tipping epidemic throughout Brent by continuously reporting on the Cleaner Brent Apps to keep our streets clean.

Fly-tipping in Northway Queensbury

The Fly-tipping reported to us by a resident in North Way, outside Eton Grove Park gates has been cleared after we reported it on the Cleaner Brent Apps. We are working all year round for a safer and cleaner Brent.

Queensbury turning into a rundown area.

Queensbury has turned into a rundown area in the last few months with fly-tipping and brothels springing up in our quieter neighbourhood. Residents are furious? and angry ? with the council under Labour. Vote Conservative on 3rd May for a safer and cleaner Brent.

Potholes and Fly-tipping in Fryent

Delighted to be campaigning for Fryent Conservatives today. Residents not happy with Brent Labour about fly-tipping in Valley Drive and potholes in Crundale Avenue.

Potholes and Flytipping near Kingsbury underground station

Brent Labour have increased your Council Tax by 9% in last two years. Have you had a 9% Pay rise? They are planning another 5% increase this year. But are not capable of repairing the poor state of Kingsbury Road near the underground station.

Another botched up job by the council under Labour

Another botched up job by Brent Labour, as predicted the road is sinking again into the ground near Queensbury Station Parade. More blobs of plaster for sure to keep it together for another rainy day.