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Post Covid-19 door to door delivery campaign Northwick Park

A fantastic first post Covid-19 door-door delivery campaign in Northwick Park. Thank you to all the members who came today to help deliver the Shaun Bailey Crime survey letters. We have now covered most of Northwick Park with a few side streets.

Trip hazard on Foot way in Roe Lane Queensbury

The Queensbury Conservative Action team has been carrying out regular street walks in Queensbury. We have recently reported a trip hazards, cracking with a gap wider and deeper than 15mm outside 27 Roe Lane to Brent Highways Department to fix. It’s unsightly and dangerous to walk on.

Fly tipping on Essoldo Way Queensbury

The Brent street cleaning team most of the time deals with any fly-tipping within 24 hours. The Queensbury Action team has been reporting on behalf of the residents using the “Love Clean Street” App.

Fly tipping in Preston Ward Brent North

More fly tipping in Preston on Carlton Avenue East outside the Preston Library, a popular location for fly tippers. With no grass cutting the street look overgrown and unkept. Litter thrown into the grass adds to the poor standards of streetcare by Brent Council.

Beverley Drive Queensbury residents vent pothole anger

If you've never experienced the thrill of airplane turbulence, you can often recreate it by driving down two potholes outside 124 and 129 Beverley Drive Queensbury. It makes it difficult to keep our car in top condition, when trying to avoid potholes big enough to grow plants.

Fly tipping in Lancelot Road Wembley Central

While staying healthy keeping clean is equally important during the lockdown,fly tipping has gone up. Wembley Central Conservative Action team ensuring that streets are cleaner and safer.

Delay in basic maintenance in Preston Ward

After considerable complaints to Brent Council and Veolia on delays in basic maintenance for months. Chamberlayne Avenue received some street cleaning. For months residents have been informing Brent council of the poor service and inadequate response regarding the street care.  

Queensbury Deserves Better Service

“Queensbury Deserves Better Service” – Brent Council blame a lack of funds, but surely this part of the road near Queensbury Underground station which has been patched up at least eight times and resurfaced three times -  It’s time the root cause is investigated, a more permanent fix found.