Stop The Low Traffic Neighbourhood Scheme (LTN)

LTNs are groups of residential streets where “through” vehicular traffic is discouraged or removed. The idea is that residents can use it for access but they have made it harder or impossible to drive through. LTNs are intended to make streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists as well as reduce air and noise pollution.

Unfortunately, Brent council has rushed to implement LTNs across Brent using Temporary Traffic Orders, without public consultation, due diligence and consideration. They have introduced these in Preston to the annoyance of many a resident living there. The creation of LTNs within Brent is not essential and does not address the key issue of traffic or air pollution. The scheme must not be rushed through, and efficient alternatives must be explored before putting residents through more inconvenience.

If you disagree with the introduction of these LTNs, please sign our petition. After you have signed the petition below, please go to the Brent Council Consultation link below to submit your opinions.

Stop the Low Traffic Neighbourhood Scheme (LTN)

I agree that LTNs within Brent are not essential and do not address the key issue of traffic or air pollution.